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Application Cloud Radware Plans Service Protection

Radware’s Cloud Application Protection Service provides state-of-the-art security capabilities alongside advanced automation and industry-leading security services provided by Radware’s industry-known ERT (Emergency Response Team).
The service is offered in three service plans. Each plan is designed to cater to different cybersecurity needs and risk exposure, as well as different levels of managed services.

Cloud Application Protection

Standard Plan

Radware’s Standard plan offers the industry benchmark protection level with extra unique features and capabilities. It includes Radware’s Cloud WAF, API protection, zero-day attack protection, and 1Gbps of network and web DDoS protection, as well as Radware’s outstanding SLA.

Cloud Application Protection

Advanced Plan

Radware’s Advanced plan takes application security to the next level by offering advanced protection capabilities for those that want to ensure they are well protected from more sophisticated and unknown attacks. The plan includes, on top of the Standard plan, Radware’s Advanced WAF with its positive security model engine that protects against more sophisticated unknown and zero-day attacks, 10Gbps of network and web DDoS protection, as well as JS supply chain mapping, monitoring, and attack detection for client-side protection. It also includes Radware’s intelligence feed – the ERT Active Attackers Feed (EAAF), and further support for onboarding and policy reviewing.

Cloud Application Protection

Complete Plan

Radware’s Complete plan provides a security blanket for your entire application environment. From client-side to server-side and everything in between. This plan includes everything the Advanced plan has to offer, with the addition of Radware’s advanced Bot Manager and its behavioral-based multi-layered detection and mitigation, automated API discovery and API security policy generation, client-side protection enforcement, and account-specific proactive security recommendations.

Radware Cloud Application Protection Service
API Protection
Advanced Rules
Rate Limit
Access Control & IP Geo Rules
Reporting & Analytics
DDoS Protection1Gbps10Gbps10Gbps
Standard Support
Advanced Support
Advanced WAF
Client Side Protection – Detection
Client Side Protection – Mitigation
API Discovery
Bot Manager
Security Recommendations
Data Retention30 Days60 Days90 Days
Unlimited DDoSAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Premium SupportAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on


ERT Premium Managed Service

For organizations lacking the cyber-security expertise in-house or those who simply cut their security overheads even further, Radware offers the invaluable ERT Premium managed service:

10-minute response SLA via "Hot-line" access

On-demand emergency response attack mitigation

Designated Customer Success Manager

Post-attack forensics and recommendations

Periodic security status reports

Priority service case handling

Policy tuning and application security insights


For enterprises that wish to combine website delivery with their web application security, Radware offers a content delivery network (CDN) solution integrated directly into Radware’s application protection portal. Radware’s CDN solution is based on the Amazon CloudFront CDN for a massive, globally distributed footprint, enhanced performance, and DevOps-friendly usability.

Unlimited DDoS Protection

For enterprises that suffer from high-volume DDoS attacks and 1G or 10G of mitigation capacity is not enough, Radware offers unlimited protection with its industry’s top-rated DDoS protection solution. Defend your organization against today’s most advanced DDoS attacks – no matter their frequency or volume. Talk to a Radware Cyber Security advisor to find out which plan best suits your organization’s security needs.

Managed Services Support Levels

Risk/Impact-based Priority
Standard Support
Advanced Support
ERT Premium Service (Add-On)
Response SLAP1 (Phone)40 Min30 Min10 Min
P1 (Ticket)3 Hours2 Hours60 Min
P26 Hours4 Hours2 Hours
P316 Hours12 Hours4 Hours
P424 Hours24 Hours12 Hours
Ticket UpdatesP148 Hours48 Hours24 Hours
P296 Hours72 Hours48 Hours
P3120 Hours96 Hours72 Hours
P4144 Hours120 Hours96 Hours
Managed Services Certificate Management & Notifications
Onboarding & Policy Review
Post-attack Analysis
Quarterly Premium Security Report
Security Configuration Review6 Months3 Months
Extended MonitoringExternal Monitoring on Top 5 AppsExternal Monitoring on All Apps

Dịch vụ Firewall

Chống tấn côngFirewall AFirewall BFirewall CFirewall DFirewall E
Băng thông sạch50 Mbps100 Mbps200 Mbps300 Mbps500 Mbps
Chống Botnet
Chống SYN Flood
Chống SYN Flood Fake Source IP
Chống UDP Flood
Chống ICMP/ICMP Fragmentation Flood
Chống GRE Flood
Chống TOS Flood
Chống SYN+ACK / ACK+PSH Flood
Chống NTP/DNS/SNMP/SSDP/Memcached Reflection Flood
Chống Fraggle/Smurf/Land Attack
Chống TCP XMAS/Null/Fragmentation Attack
Chống CharGEN/Echo Flood
Chống Slowloris Attack
Chống HTTP Flood
BOT cảnh báo tấn công qua Telegram
Kiểm soát cổng (Port) truy cập
Giới hạn số lượng kết nối/tần số từng IP
Giới hạn số lượng kết nối/tần số của từng IP trên từng Port
Giữ IP thật của của người dùng
Tự học IP thật vào danh sách ưu tiên
Giao diện quản lý Whitelist/Blacklist
Giao diện quản lý Port
Tùy biến rule theo yêu cầu
Cước phí3.500.000/ tháng6.000.000/ tháng11.000.000/ tháng16.000.000/ tháng26.000.000/ tháng

Dịch vụ có thể bổ sung

Bổ sung băng thông50 Mbps2.500.000 đ/ tháng
Bổ sung IP012.500.000 đ/ tháng
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